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Eyelash Extensions Miami, Florida, USA

Professional semi permanent eyelash extension studio in Miami, Florida

Eyelash extensions started in Asia and made their way West. Not to be confused with the self-stick false lashes of the past, these semi-permanent extensions are bonded on one by one by a certified lash stylist using tweezers and medical adhesive. The application takes between 1-3 hours depending on lash design criteria, 70-150 extensions in varying lengths are bonded to your individual eyelashes. The extensions stay on up to 2 months, depending on your natural life cycle. They give the eyes an instant lift with out any needles or injections, allowing you to wake up with the look of mascara without the smudging.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to wash my eyes after getting an eyelash extension?

Use Lint-Free Applicators which are an ideal alternative to traditional cotton swabs containing fibers that may get caught between natural eyelashes and eyelash extensions. Recommended for use with Eye Makeup Remover & Facial Cleanser.