About Miamilashes

Eyelash Extension Services


For the best eyelash extensions in Miami, Miami Lashes® offers individual eyelash extensions domestically and internationally.

A single extension is applied to each natural lash using tweezers and water resistant surgical quality adhesive (cyonacrylate). The procedure takes approximately 1-3 hours depending on the amount of extensions the client requests. The length of the extensions vary from 7mm to 13mm and do not weigh the natural lash down.


The eyelash extension application begins with an in-depth complimentary consultation to define and design the perfect lashes for your eyes exclusively.  With our new computerized app you may view your eyes with custom eyelash extensions prior to having the actual procedure.  This allows the client to confirm or edit the design with our guidance.


$75 for removal however cyonacrylate adhesive must have been used for the application initially or it may not be compatible.

$150 1-2 week (REFILL) 60 minutes

$250 2-4 week (REFILL) 90 minutes

Full set 

$450 2+ Hours 

$550 3+ Hours

$650 4+ Hours

$750 international travel plus expenses per day


For the best eyelash extensions in Miami brush lashes daily with a styling wand.  Shampoo and blow-dry your extensions daily.  You may use compatible water-based mascara and remove with compatible eye make-up remover & facial cleanser for eyelash extensions.